Yurt window shapes and sizes



You can choose the style and positions of your windows within certain constraints.

  • Windows can have a maximum height of 130cm which will start from 25cm above the ground and extent to a height of approx 155cm.
  • Opening windows have a maximum width of 130cm but non opening windows can be of any width.


We suggest specifying the required window positions by imagining the centre of each window at a specific point on the clock face (see diagram to the right).


We have several standard styles (as pictured below) but can also fit other shapes you may desire.
Our windows are covered with 1mm marine grade ultra clear plastic and opening windows are zippered down each side.
Bug screens are optional and can be opened by un-zipping.

Please click on the photos to expand.

Arched (opening) Arched (opening)
Opening (bugscreen) Opening (bugscreen)
Round (opening) Round (opening)
Rectangle (opening) Rectangle (opening)
Arched Arched
Rectangle Rectangle

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