Our 2 pole tipis are designed to incorporate many of the classic qualities we love about traditional tipis.  They have the added advantage of being easy to transport and very quick to pitch and pack down.

The tipi canvas hangs from the apex of two poles and is held stable by the pegs around the perimeter.  This results in a very simple structure which is surprisingly stable in wind.

A modified smoke flap system allows an open fire inside while still maintaining a completely dry interior in wet weather.

The only guy ropes are those used to adjust the smoke flaps if you want a fire in wet weather. This results in the smallest possible footprint which is especially important in high density camping such as at festivals.  The lack of ropes also means that campers can move around the tipi without tripping over.

The 2 pole tipi is the perfect camping or glamping solution for those wanting an alternative to standard tent designs while maintaining easy portability.  Poles can be modular to fit on any small roof rack or inside a van or station wagon.  The materials and build quality far exceeds that of most tents and you can expect many years of enjoyment from your tipi.


12oz Cover:

Our tipi covers are constructed with "full flat felled" seams which are double stitched throughout.  Reinforcing is added in critical areas and a sturdy triple stitched hem holds the pegging points around the base. The basic cover kit consists of the tipi cover, door and kitbag (ropes & pegs etc).  You then choose the pole configuration you would like.


The poles we supply are Douglas Fir, they are straight, strong, light, and durable. Poles can be broken down into sections for easy transport and storage. You can choose the number of sections you would like to ensure the poles will fit in your vehicle.  You also have the option of supplying your own poles if you are looking to keep costs to a minimum.  You can even pitch the tipi with no poles at all if you have an overhead branch or other structure that the top of the tipi can be roped up to!


We offer a range of sizes which should meet most customers needs.  We have tailored the sizes to maximise cutting efficiency from available canvas widths.  This reduces waste and cost.


Usually 'natural' (off white) or beige ~ darker colours tend to exclude light especially in the morning and evening or if pitched near trees.

Canvas used:

12 oz fully water proof poly-cotton canvas.  We use the best quality canvas available, which is subsequently the most costly.  Cotton based canvas has the ability to breathe, eliminating condensation whilst remaining waterproof in wet conditions. It has a natural feel and appearance.

Expected Life:

Varies drastically depending on climate, if pitched year round, under trees, in open spaces, with fire regularly inside etc. A rough guide would be 5-10 years in constant use, longer if well-loved, and 10-20 years (or more) in occasional use.
Click here to read our warranty statement.

Price List

   3.3m diameter  4m diameter  4.6m diameter  5.3m diameter
Canvas Cover $1680.00 excl GST
$1932.00 incl GST
$1947.00 excl GST
$2239.05 incl GST
$2328.00 excl GST
$2677.20 incl GST
$2783.00 excl GST
$3200.45 incl GST
Ground sheet* $300.00 excl GST
$345.00 incl GST
$379.00 excl GST
$435.85 incl GST
$425.00 excl GST
$488.75 incl GST
$495.00 excl GST
$569.25 incl GST
Poles Each of the two poles can be broken into sections for easy transport.
Please choose the configuration you would like from the options below.
(1 section)  $500.00 excl GST
$575.00 incl GST
(single 4.2m section)
na na na
(2 sections)  $660.00 excl GST
$759.00 incl GST
(longest section 1910mm)
$700.00 excl GST
$805.00 incl GST
(longest section 2260mm)
$740.00 excl GST
$851.00 incl GST
(longest section 2560mm)
$780.00 excl GST
$897.00 incl GST
(longest section 2910mm)
(3 sections)  $770.00 excl GST
$885.50 incl GST
(longest section 1360mm)
$810.00 excl GST
$931.50 incl GST
(longest section 1597mm)
$850.00 excl GST
$977.50 incl GST
(longest section 1796mm)
$890.00 excl GST
$1023.50 incl GST
(longest section 2030mm)
(4 sections)  $880.00 excl GST
$1012.00 incl GST
(longest section 1090mm)
$920.00 excl GST
$1058.00 incl GST
(longest section 1263mm)
$960.00 excl GST
$1104.00 incl GST
(longest section 1415mm)
$1000.00 excl GST
$1150.00 incl GST
(longest section 1590mm)
(5 sections)  na na na $1100.00 excl GST
$1265.00 incl GST
(longest section 1326mm)
*Ground sheet made from green Polypropylene    

Please click on the image below to see how the two pole system works