Jaia - Purchase a New Zealand made Yurt (Ger)

At Jaia we produce portable kitset yurts (also known as gers) in various sizes. Jaia yurts are suitable for a variety of uses and are built to withstand the wide range of New Zealand climatic conditions.  They can be pitched as portable non-permanent structures or permitted as dwellings.

Fundamentally our yurt design closely resembles the traditional designs employed by indigenous peoples ranging from Turkey to Siberia and most commonly associated with Mongolia, where most of the population still live in yurts. The designs vary subtly from region to region: straight or curved wall and/or roof profiles, solid wood, carved or steam bent rings, central supporting post or not...

We have spent several years researching and developing our design, and have settled on one which encompasses all the traditional beauty and practicality, and which we believe is well suited to NZ conditions. We have simplified our design to make it quick and easy to assemble/pack down ... we can now erect one in 1/2 an hour. Modern marine fittings are used to minimise the usual straps, cords and ties, resulting in a perfectly fitting, neat and very easy to assemble product. A clear photographic instruction manual is supplied with every yurt. 

The yurt frames are beautifully crafted from a combination of Cedar, Beech and/or Eucalyptus. Cedar has excellent stability and durability, and smells wonderful. The Beech is sustainably grown in NZ and is stable, durable and very strong.  Eucalyptus is sourced from local stands of trees and is also a very strong and stable timber.  None of the timbers we use require chemical treatment as they have excellent natural properties suited to our application.

We use top quality waterproof poly-cotton canvas for the cover. Cotton based canvas has the ability to 'breath', eliminating condensation whilst remaining waterproof in the wettest of conditions. It has a natural feel, apearance and smell. Some manufacturers have chosen to cover their yurts with PVC, which although very durable, lacks many of these properties.

All the components are available separately and can easily be replaced in the event of loss or damage.  Click here to read our warranty statement.


Components and descriptions

Basic Yurt

This consists of a complete frame, cedar door and canvas outer cover. It has all the essential components but no optional extras such as windows, ground sheet or insulation etc.  We offer sizes ranging from 4m to 7m diameter.
Click here for detailed dimensions. 


Opening and non-opening windows are available in the size and position of your choice.  Bugscreens can also be fitted.
Click here for details.


We can provide a fitting, fully waterproof Polypropylene groundsheet. We do not provide solid wooden flooring for our yurts, but are happy to provide drafted plans for a builder/handyman to work with if you wish to pitch your yurt on a raised floor.

Flue (chimney) outlets

These can be fitted to suit a variety of enclosed fireplaces. They are normally fitted near the wall at the position of your choice but can also be in the centre of the yurt.


It is possible to add a layer of insulation between the frame and the outer cover for cold climates. 
We supply roof and wall insulation kits which comprise of a fitting insulation blanket (made from dacron) and a fully treated canvas inner liner.  
As well as keeping your yurt warm, the insulation will also keep the interior cooler in summer and will make it quieter.  
If you are wanting a dark colour for the outer cover, the insulation will brighten the interior with it's light coloured lining.

The standard "Dacron" insulation we offer is very warm and adequate for most conditions.  It is made in NZ from 100% recycled plastic.  We also offer an R-rated woolen option if you are wanting to meet permitting requirements for a dwelling.

Canvas colours

A range of colours are available. It is possible to choose different colours for the roof and wall covers and the windows can also have a contrasting border.  
Please note that the white canvas does not weather quite as well over time.  Acording to our supplier, it is not as heavily treated due to the discolouring nature of the treatment.  It also shows dirt more than other colours.
Click here to see a colour chart. (accuracy may vary on different screens)
Click here to see some examples of different colours.

Permits for yurts

If you are wanting to permit a Jaia yurt as a dwelling or for another purpose, we can provide supporting documentation.
Click here for permitting info.


Price List

   4m Diameter
(12.6 sq m floor area)
 5m Diameter
(19.7 sq m floor area)
 6m Diameter
(28.4 sq m floor area)
7m Diameter
(38.6 sq m floor area)
Basic Yurt $8847.00 excl GST
$10174.05 incl GST
$10503.00 excl GST
$12078.45 incl GST
$12467.00 excl GST
$14337.05 incl GST
$14638.00 excl GST
$16833.70 incl GST
Opening Window $291.00 excl GST
$334.65 incl GST
$291.00 excl GST
$334.65 incl GST
$291.00 excl GST
$334.65 incl GST
$291.00 excl GST
$334.65 incl GST 
Opening Window
with bugscreen
$412.00 excl GST
$473.80 incl GST
$412.00 excl GST
$473.80 incl GST
$412.00 excl GST
$473.80 incl GST
$412.00 excl GST
$473.80 incl GST
Non-Opening Window ** $208.00 excl GST
$239.20 incl GST
$208.00 excl GST
$239.20 incl GST 
$208.00 excl GST
$239.20 incl GST 
$208.00 excl GST
$239.20 incl GST
Flue (Chimney) Outlet $170.00 excl GST
$195.50 incl GST
$170.00 excl GST
$195.50 incl GST 
$170.00 excl GST
$195.50 incl GST 
$170.00 excl GST
$195.50 incl GST 
PP Ground Sheet $379.00 excl GST
$435.85 incl GST 
$489.00 excl GST
$562.35 incl GST 
$588.00 excl GST
$676.20 incl GST 
$731.00 excl GST
$840.65 incl GST 
Ceiling Insulation Kit
$863.00 excl GST
$992.45 incl GST 
$1078.00 excl GST
$1239.70 incl GST 
$1386.00 excl GST
$1593.90 incl GST 
$1732.00 excl GST
$1991.80 incl GST 
Wall Insulation Kit ***
$730.00 excl GST
$839.50 incl GST 
$831.00 excl GST
$955.65 incl GST 
$1045.00 excl GST
$1201.75 incl GST 
$1232.00 excl GST
$1416.80 incl GST 
Ceiling Insulation Kit
(R rated Wool) 
$1171.00 excl GST
$1346.65 incl GST
$1474.00 excl GST
$1695.10 incl GST
$1892.00 excl GST
$2175.80 incl GST
$2398.00 excl GST
$2757.70 incl GST
Wall Insulation Kit ***
(R rated Wool) 
$1045.00 excl GST
$1201.75 incl GST
$1430.00 excl GST
$1644.50 incl GST
$1700.00 excl GST
$1955.00 incl GST
$1960.00 excl GST
$2254.00 incl GST
Building consent docs**** $1000.00 excl GST
$1150.00 incl GST
$1000.00 excl GST
$1150.00 incl GST
$1000.00 excl GST
$1150.00 incl GST
$1000.00 excl GST
$1150.00 incl GST
Permit spec framing*****
$400.00 excl GST
$460.00 incl GST
$500.00 excl GST
$575.00 incl GST
$600.00 excl GST
$690.00 incl GST
$700.00 excl GST
$805.00 incl GST

* Round windows incure an additional cost of $80.00 + GST.

** Price based on window up to 2m wide. Please add $95/m for wider windows.

*** Wall insulation is fitted in panels between windows only , so price will vary depending on number/size of windows. The insulation prices shown are based on an average yurt design.
The cost for Dacron wall insulation is calculated at $60.00 per meter + $60.00 per separate panel.
The cost for Woolen wall insulation is calculated at $105.00 per meter + $60.00 per separate panel.

**** This includes drafted plans and producer statements required for permit applications.

***** Building permit inspections require framing to be of a knot and blemish free nature over and above what we normally consider is needed.  This incurs a stringent inspection process and premium material cost.